2021 Pétillant Naturel

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Pétillant Naturel (or Pet Nat), is a handcrafted and ancestral type of sparkling wine.

Naturally bubbly, it is made by promptly bottling a fermenting wine that is in the last stages of the primary alcoholic fermentation, with the aim of retaining a few of those gentle bubbles that are remaining from fermentation.

This is a key difference to Champagne wines, where the bubbles are produced by inducing a secondary alcoholic fermentation, in the bottle, by the addition of sugar and commercial yeast, at a later date.



100% handpicked grapes from the Huon Valley in Tasmania.

The attractive bright red cherry tone is the result of co-fermenting Pinot Noir grapes with a small portion of Chardonnay.

The cooler summer months provided greater floral aromas and fruit intensity, of pomegranate and rhubarb. When this is paired with the purity of natural acid, which the Huon Valley is not shy to provide, it renders a beautiful seamless balance.

We allowed the ferment to occur with indigenous yeast, from the grape skins, and it progressed nearly until dryness, at which point and without delay we bottled the wine unfiltered. This retains the natural and funky spontaneous fermentation characters that, alongside the refreshing light bubbles, become the hallmarks of classic made Pet Nat wines.

Sealing with classic crown caps makes it more accessible.

The total production is 300 dozen.

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